Funglish Halloween!

    The students at Nishi Elementary School have enjoyed their annual special Halloween class in their Funglish time! 


    Upon arriving at the Funglish room, fantastic Halloween decorations welcomed the students. The students learned some mythical creatures in the Philippines and they were amazed and at the same time spooked by their new learnings. Halloween words were reintroduced to them and it was evident that almost all of them have mastered the vocabulary words about Halloween. 


    Different fun games were enjoyed during the class like Hit the Ghost and Sleeping Monster. Students were thrilled and excited as they take turns in playing these games. It was really a well-enjoyed Funglish Halloween event!

 授業では、Hit the Ghost や Sleeping Monster など、さまざまな楽しいゲームを楽しみました。子どもたちは交代でゲームを行い、わくわくしながら興奮していました。本当に楽しいFunglishハロウィンイベントでした!

The second semester has finally kicked off! 2学期がようやく始まりました!

The second semester has finally kicked off and the students at Nishi Elementary School are back to their regular school days.As for the grade five students, their fourth unit in their English class has made them focus on different occupations like author, sports players, comedian, etc. In this unit, they are asked to introduce people who they think are talented and influential for many. Different actors, players, and even anime characters were chosen by the students and they made sure to go deeply into the facts about these people so they can provide more information in their final outputs.For the past several months, they have been using their Chromebooks to aid their English learning and foster their creativity.  These Chromebooks that they use have helped them explore about many things while making their learning fun and more exciting too! The English team at Nishi Elementary School makes sure that these Chromebooks are being utilized in fun and educative way!

ようやく2学期も始まり、西小学校の子どもたちが普段の学校生活に戻ってきました。5年生のUnit4の授業では、作家、スポーツ選手、芸人など、様々な職業に焦点を当てました。この単元では、子どもたちが、多くの人に影響を与えていると思う人を紹介します。さまざまな俳優、プレーヤー、さらにはアニメのキャラクターまでもが子どもたちによって選ばれ、最後の発表でより多くの情報を提供できるように、これらの人々についてたくさん調べました。ここ数か月、子どもたちは Chromebook を使用して英語学習を支援し、創造性を育んでいます。 Chromebook は、多くのことを探求するのに役立ち、同時に学習を楽しくエキサイティングなものにしています。西小学校の英語チームは、 Chromebook が楽しくて教育的な方法で利用されていることを見据えています。


Funglish campaign is always fun and exciting at Nishi Elementary School! New events are lined up for the students to enjoy! Just this month, students attended the Funglish Club! 


Funglish Club members learned different origami patterns and created their own, all of which will be posted on the bulletin board that’s provided especially for the club members. Fun activities were done like the Fishing Game where the students have to pick up paper fish using chopsticks! Each group will have to answer a question in English to get some points. It was a thrilling activity where they can have fun and learn vocabulary words too.


Another exciting school year has started and the English team at Nishi Elementary School has made their lessons even more fun for students!


The grade five students recently had their "Birthday Shopping" activity where they practiced speaking in English while buying different items that they want for their birthday. They were given play money to budget among the things they would like to buy. Not surprisingly, most students spent their play money on smartphons and toys while some chose other things like pets, clothes and books. It was a great experience for the grade 5 students to practice English expressions while having fun shopping!


The Face Making activity was a hit among the grade 3 students! They learned about different emotions in English such as wonderful, great, hungry, and thirsty. They were able to respond to the question “how are you?” with confidence. The Face Making activity gave them the chance to express their feelings and creativity by choosing from among the many pairs of eyes and mouth that express different emotions.


Pizza? Anyone? どなたか、ピザはいかがですか?

    It's almost the end of the school year. Students at Nishi had an exciting and fun way of learning English through a Pizza Making activity!


    The 4th grade students learned and mastered the names of different fruits and vegetables in English and played games. They also had "market day" wherein they played the roles of market sellers and customers. It was like a market setting and they were able to buy fruits and vegetables by saying useful English expressions. As a culminating activity, they made their own pizza by buying the fruits and vegetables that they want as toppings for their pizza.


    The grades 1 to 3 had their pizza making too! They learned different names of shapes in English and they were able to identify the shape of several objects perfectly. They too decorated their own pizza with shapes in various colors and they used simple English expressions to communicate.


 These pizza making activities sparked the students' interest and ignited their creativity as well. The English team at Nishi Elementary School try their best to make their lessons fun and exciting as always.


The new school term has started! 新学期が始まりました!

It's winter time and the students at Nishi Elementary School are finally back to school! Having spent 2 weeks of winter vacation, they are all recharged and ready for the last term of this school year! The English teachers prepared their much-needed icebreaker class to start the term. Students were able to share about how they spent their winter vacation.  The ALTs were amazed at the Japanese culture and traditions that were shared by the students. 
They also played games like Karuta, Memory game and Pyramid Cup game. 
Finally, the students listed down their hopes for this year. This activity made them feel hopeful and positive for this year ahead.
As this school year approaches its end, we, teachers at Nishi Elementary School commit ourselves to continue nurturing the growth of our students in all aspects. Happy new year everyone!





The ICT Lessons

    In today’s world, it is necessary and a lot helpful to use technology especially when it comes to education. That is why the students at Nishi Elementary School embraced the technological advancements that are made available to them like their tablets/Chromebook. The students have been using their tablets/Chromebooks in their different subjects including English.
    The English team (JTE, 2 ALTs and Japanese teacher aide) have made their classes even more fun by integrating technology in their lessons. Students have been enjoying playing educational online games that make them master English concepts all the more. In the initial stage of using the tablets, the students used them for their reading activities and final output presentation. For the reading activities, they use their tablets to check and improve their pronunciation of English words and sentences. It was challenging and a great learning activity for the grade six students. The grades five and six students also make use of the Powerpoint application to present their final outputs in front of their classmates. They learned more about changing the font styles and animations through this activity and just recently, the English team has introduced educational online games that the students truly love. They compete with each other online by answering different English questions related to their lessons. They also do some QR code activities that let them scan QR codes scattered in and around the classroom using the camera of their chromebooks to acquire information and English concepts that they need. This make their mastery level higher while at the same time have fun in their English classes.

    Students’ life is undoubtedly challenging. However, with the help of technology like the internet and tablets, their learning journey is made easier and more profound. Having these in mind, the English team of Nishi Elementary School commit themselves to making their English classes ever exciting and never boring!

Happy Halloween

Nishi Elementary School’s “Spooktacular” Halloween!

Nishi Elementary School students celebrated Halloween with fun and interesting activities last Friday, October 29, 2021. The JTE, ALTs and Japanese English Support prepared exciting games that the students enjoyed.

Upon entering the English classroom, students were in awe of the colorful Halloween decorations that made them feel the happy Halloween vibes. They sang and danced Halloween songs as a fun warmup. They learned different Halloween-related words backed with illustrations. Surprisingly, a lot of students are familiar with some words already! The students played Memory Game, “What’s In The Box?”, and Frog VS. Spider Game. Classes were divided into groups so they can all enjoy the activities simultaneously. Students had a great time playing the games and they were very happy to get cute and colorful stickers as prizes!

As for the schoolwide activity, all students made and drew on their own origami pumpkin in various colors. They were taught to say the popular expression during Halloween season, "Trick or Treat!". As a treat, each student was given cute Halloween cards!

To cap off the Halloween special class, the students showed their creativity and artistic side by drawing their own monsters and coloring Halloween posters. The Halloween celebration was filled with fun and laughter and the students along with their teachers felt so happy about the opportunity to celebrate this spectacular event together!